Time for Wine & Magic !

Wine !

Wine is a very garnered and noble liquor. So noble that even opening a bottle of wine is an art and needs to be done with a cork screw.Wine is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes. Certain wines are stored in cellars and are probably older than the average Joe. Age is just a number. It’s totally irrelevant unless, of course, you happen to be a bottle of wine. The process of storing the wines allows them to mature. This doesn’t hold well for all wines, some need to be had immediately. The impatient ones reading this should take note of that. Wine and food are generally paired together to enhance the dining experience. A gourmet meal without a glass of wine just seems tragic to me somehow. The pairing of the acidity, bitterness and alcohol content of the wine with the delicious servings of meat or other delicacies are a treat to one’s taste buds.
It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that higher the price of a bottle of wine, the better is its quality. Similar to buying cars. There are a number of varieties of wine and mapping them out would be like mapping the all the stars in the sky. To avoid this I will name the major wines only, which are White wine, Red wine, Rose wine, Fortified wine and sparkling wine. The classification is done on the basis of the grapes used and also the fermentation process which is used.

Now that we know enough about the wine ,let’s talk about magic. Am not saying have so much wine that you see magical illusions but of the real deal magic.

At Jacques La Brasserie we have finally realised that good food & good wine needs some magic too . Every friday & saturday we have a table magician entertaining the diners from 8 to 10 pm . Sharan , the magician is all of 20 years but is a prolific performer & entertainer .

Come wine, dine and be entertained !


Bastille Day -The French National Day


Bastille day, the French national holiday, commemorates the storming of the bastille on 14 July 1789.This day marked the beginning of the French Revolution and is regarded as one of the most important days in the country’s history. The bastille was a prison which held people jailed on the basis of arbitrary royal indictments which could not be appealed. The Bastille was stormed by the common populace so as to equip themselves with ammunition and gunpowder; to protect themselves from the royal military. Over the whole course of this attack, about 98 attackers and one defender of the prison died. Shortly after the storming of the bastille, on 4 august Feudalism was abolished and on 26 august, the declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen were proclaimed. The one-year anniversary of the fall of the Bastille marked the first time in history that a people had claimed their right to self-determination.

Present day celebration

Nowadays the French military parade is held on this day, in Paris. This part of the day’s celebration originated in the year 1880.Since 1918 it has been held on the Champs-Élysées, which is one of the most famous streets in Paris.The Parade ends at the Place de la Concorde, where the President and his government are present.The Military parade involves some of France’s cadet troops, motorized troops and the aircraft of the Patrouille de France team fly above.
A Bastille Day feast is also a part of the tradition of this day. The Feast may be simple where some strawberries, a few cheese puffs, cheese and a glass of wine would be more than enough.
Musical performance and dances are a part of the modern day celebration. The day is capped off with a beautiful fireworks display.
It is considered a public Holiday in France and normally businesses, post offices and banks are closed. The public transport services may vary depending on the area where one lives. 

Cooking with Jacques —Students from Alliance Francaise bangalore

A brief write up by one of the students who attended the master class –

‘Learning from a person who is passionate about his work always brings out the best from us. So was it this time: our director Philippe Gasparini’s passion for cooking and the ladies’ love to try new dishes together resulted in this workshop of learning about French Cuisine at Jacques.


Sixteen ladies in their sweet sixteen and their professor Ms. Marisa all bundled up in 3 cars. Chirping all along the way and the excitement of arriving at Restaurant Jacques. 


As we arrived, the sight of Ms. Alexandra along with the director waiting to welcome us made us feel that it was not just our workshop but that they were glad to be a part of our happiness. 


The ambience, the interiors of the resto as we gathered around the hosts along with the beaming face of Monsieur Jacques gave us a warm feeling. As always there was the customary introduction and then followed the invitation for those who don’t cook to try first. The first dish on the menu was an Eggetarian dish with vegetables like onion, tomatoes, mushrooms etc. Preparation time was fun when even the best cooks from the ladies’ end found it tough to maintain uniformity while cutting the vegetables. Once all this was done, the vegetables were mixed together with egg and then baked. Next was the non-vegetarian dish on the same lines as the previous one but with an addition of finely chopped chicken to it. Well of course the taste of both was definitely yummmmm… and was so quick to prepare compared to our laborious Indian dishes.


The next round was a vegetarian dish with potatoes and cream. Potates sliced and then interlayed with cream and baked and then cut into small cubes before serving. Wow… such a simple 3-step dish, small in size but very filling.


The whole process was great fun and added to that were the hilarious moments created by Monsieur Jacques. While these dishes were being prepared, our attention was diverted towards the other end of the table where ‘Crêpes’ were being prepared. Every person in the team longed to try their hand in making those perfect round crepes which looked like Indian dosas to us. Seeing our excitement Monsieur Jacques let us try, with the condition being that anything not prepared well must be eaten by the preparer themselves. Oh, there was so much excitement now. Ms. Marisa, our professor, made the best one, followed by Ms. Alexandra, who was also successful … and the worst was prepared by me. All burst out into laughter when Monsieur Jacques made me eat my own crepe and neither could I myself abstain from laughing.


Well, all done now! As we relished our preparations, we forgot how 3 hrs flew by, and how can I forget the beautiful flowers presented by Mr. Gasparini and Ms. Alexandra to our ‘toujour sereine’  professor Ms. Marisa which were so unexpected and led to a catching moment that we all adored. It was evident she was touched by the gesture yet maintained her poise as she does always.


A special feeling swept across all our hearts as we parted with appreciation of the presence of Ms. Alexandra and Monsieur Jacques throughout and the director’s effort for giving us a totally new experience at Alliance Française, something which no one else had experienced till then. And we would all be always be grateful to Ms. Marisa for her sweet presence and her graciousness to accept on behalf of all of us the offer of being a part of such an experience. When good memories are made, life itself seems like a big gâteau: with mellow fillings of laughs and cream and French language, all blended into one.


– ArifaImage